From Always Sunny to Adventure Time: What Shows Just Get It?

I was out with a friend recently who, à propos to nothing, said, ‘do you ever watch something that just makes you feel seen?’. She was referring to that episode of Netflix easy with the lesbians, where one pretends that she is a cool bike-riding vegan to impress the other. And she’s right. That episode really does capture something about the culture of women-who-love-other-women. Because the writer just gets it. (read more)


Shows That Should Be Available in the UK

As you have probably guessed, I adore television. It’s my favourite thing in the world, my primary passion, my main pastime. I watch a variety of shows from different genres, different time periods, different countries. I also believe strongly in supporting the industry, so I’m big on watching said shows legally. I subscribe to three… Continue reading Shows That Should Be Available in the UK


How to Start Exercising

I may be late in saying it, but Happy New Year! I don’t generally make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do like to set myself a few goals (my writing goals can be found on my Twitter). Having said that, I do see the appeal of a using the new year as a fresh start.… Continue reading How to Start Exercising


Obscure Christmas Film Recs

Happy holidays! To my readers who don’t celebrate Christmas, and are tired of its ubiquity, I apologise for perpetuating it and advise you to skip this post. I do understand and appreciate the problems with Christmas. That said, it is absolutely my favourite holiday. I love that it celebrates familial and platonic love. I love… Continue reading Obscure Christmas Film Recs


Bad TV Finales

All things must come to an end, including, unfortunately, your favourite TV show. Finales can be momentous things. They are the culmination of all the plot threads, all the character development, all the love that the cast and the crew and the writers have put into the show and each other after so many years… Continue reading Bad TV Finales


Books I’ve Bought Recently – Part Two

  This is the second half of my book-buying post. The first half can be found here. I haven’t yet read any of the books on this list, so this post will be more of a book haul than a recent reads, but I hope it’ll be of interest anyway. I always like hearing about… Continue reading Books I’ve Bought Recently – Part Two

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Consuming Stories: Different Media Ranked

Humans have an absolute obsession with stories. They are a tradition that has been carried on throughout our very earliest history, since our first attempts at sophisticated language, and we continue to love stories to this day, both real and fictional. They are our purest form of entertainment. It is something innate in us, so… Continue reading Consuming Stories: Different Media Ranked