Getting Started

Everyone has heard that getting started with anything is the hardest part.

Frankly, while I agree with the sentiment, I’m not sure it’s entirely correct 100% of the time. I imagine there are plenty of tasks – the phrase ‘rocket science’ comes to mind – where the work involved is technically complicated in and of itself. But then, I suppose more difficult tasks might have more pre-starting dread to accompany them.

The point is: I desperately needed to upload the first post on this blog.

I’m going to level with you here. It’s clearly a mess right now. I haven’t worked on the design, the logo, the about page. It’s all a default WordPress set-up. I’ve barely decided what I’m writing about. The office where I’m planning to do this work is still under construction. But, I’ve had this domain for over a week now, and that’s a week of my money I’m not making use of, so here we are.  This post is more than a rambling mess. This post is a commitment to making this blog happen. Finishing setting it up properly. Making more posts. Ideally, once a week. We’ll see. We’ll take it as it goes.

So, you’re still here. Reading this post. Hopefully entertaining the idea of sticking with this blog. But what is it? And who am I?

You can call me Hawk. I’m quite tall. I’m going to be talking on this blog.

Really, if you want a blog to be successful, you should find a niche and stick with it so that other people in that niche will be interested in your content. I know this. You know this. But that isn’t what’s going to happen here. I’m not using this blog to try to become rich. I’m using this blog to help me commit to writing every day. Maybe becoming a freelance writer, if I get good enough. But mainly to practise and explore myself. I have a lot of interests, and any and all of them will crop up.

At this time, the loose plan is to alternate between media-based posts about TV, Film, Video Games, etc., and then literally anything else. Here’s some topics you may be reading about on these alternate weeks:

  • Fitness
  • Writing
  • Nature
  • Books
  • LGBT+ Issues
  • Cooking

Because I am interested in all of those things! And more things! And writing an individual blog for each one to maximise potential readers would be a huge time commitment. I’d rather just write about whatever I want (for example, a rambling and unnecessary introductory post), and see if anyone else turns up. There’ll be a tagging system, and I know blog readers are smart enough to use tags to find the content they want and skip what they don’t. And hey, if I’m interested in all those things, why wouldn’t other people be?

So that’s that, then. Maybe by next week I will have finished setting up the blog, but then, I do have a job interview, so maybe I’ll get hired and have no time at all and drop this project for a month. Exciting!

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